Friday, February 8, 2013

Reiki Experimentation

Having been born with Spina Bifida resulting in paralysis of the lower half of my right leg one of the things I have been feeling a calling to do with Reiki is work with people with disabilities. Especially those involving nerve damage and paralysis.

After doing a lot of reading over the last couple of years on Reiki about those who claim that their blood disorder, a certain disease they may have, or paralysis was either much weaker or completely gone after a series of Reiki treatments over a few months to a few years, I started thinking that I would like to begin my own experimentation with such things and decided I should be my own first subject.

Over the next few months on as steady a schedule as possible, or whenever I would think about it, I would do at least a few minutes of Reiki on the lower half of my right leg. At times I have done upwards of an hour.

I went into this with no expectations. Pure curiosity just to see what if anything does happen.

Within about two weeks I began to notice pins and needles and sensation I have never felt there before due to the paralysis. To me this was proof positive that it is indeed possible to reverse, at least partially, things like nerve damage and paralysis. However, one of my doctors happened to mention that ,with all of the operations I have had on my right leg and foot, I should actually be glad I can't feel it because the pain from all of those operations would be overwhelming. So, I stopped. I had been this way since birth and I am so used to it that it doesn't bother me to have the paralysis.

However, this did not impede my interest on doing these treatments on others with paralysis if they were willing.

Recently in a group I am involved in, I asked if anyone in the group who may have blood disorder such as Diabetes, or perhaps paralysis or know anyone who does and they would be interested in participating on this experimentation with me please let me know.

Little did I know several of them were interested. Then, just yesterday a friend of mine happened to mention on Facebook that a friend of hers needs prayers and healing energy sent her way due to severe pain from shoulder surgery she recently had. I asked my friend if it was her left shoulder(I am also a bit of a medical intuitive)but she was not sure so I had her ask. She did confirm that it was her left shoulder. I asked my friend to ask her friend if she would give me permission to work with her remotely. Once I received the permission, without even having heard of Reiki before but willing to try anything, she ended up sending me a message. After talking a few moments it turns out that she fell last year and had to have her shoulder operated on. The doctor messed up the operation and ended up partially paralyzing her entire arm and she now has 90% loss of sensation(Paralysis does not automatically mean loss of sensation. It can effect only mobility.).

Upon finding that out I couldn't resist the chance to mention my plans for experimentation with Reiki treatments on people with blood disorders, paralysis etc.

I shared more information about Reiki and I then asked if she would be willing to participate in my experimentation and without missing a beat she agreed to participate.

So, over the coming months I will be working with them all and keeping everything documented They will continue to live and eat as they normally do, and continue any medications they need for whatever they have. Those with blood disorders will visit their doctors more regularly for blood tests. Those who test themselves, those with Diabetes for instance, will keep track of their numbers in a journal and see if they notice needing their medications more or less or, need to eat something to lower or raise their blood sugar levels.

I look forward to this and wil blog about it as often as possible once these treatments begin.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Website Update

Today after having for well over a year I finally added content to it. No fancy graphics right now. Just text. But it's a start!
The most difficult part was writing my philosophy page.
If you have a moment go check it out :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Received Reiki Master Teacher Certification today

Today, four days passed a year from the day I received my Reiki Practitioner certification, I co-taught my first Reiki level 1 class and was given my Reiki Master Teacher certification.
I feel completely mentally and physically exhausted. I will sleep very well tonight.
I have gained a whole new respect for teachers and their lesson planning. I thought I was prepared and ready to go until shortly after the class started and I basically choked on a part I did not remember and was not in the paper work I had. To top it all off I have misplaced my notes from all my previous classes. That didn't help at all.
However, it all worked out in the end. I actually feel my co-teacher saved the day. I actually felt that I did so badly that when I was handed me the certificate I was actually surprised.
So, now I have to reassess my lesson outline and my delivery. Then I have to get back on the horse, so to speak, and get more practice teaching as soon as possible.
All things considered with how it went it was a big confidence boost and learning experience of what not to do and what to work on.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Completed Final Reiki Master Teacher Class

  This passed Thursday I completed the last class required before co-teaching a Reiki level 1 class next month to earn my Reiki Master Teacher certification. Half of me can't wait to co-teach the class and the other half is a little nervous with anticipation. I just have to keep in mind that my student will be a friend of mine, I have known my classmate that I will be teaching with for a while now, and my teacher is very understanding and patient.
  It has been a very interesting journey I have been on learning with two different classmates and a very patient teacher always there to help when I fumble and I have definitely fumbled. Even in my last class. On something that should be deeply burned into my brain by now. Then there is the practicing I have done on friends and family. Both in person and distant.
  There has been a remarkable change in my awareness, intuition, energy levels and other aspects of my life since I first started this journey. I look forward to where it will lead with much enthusiasm.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Master Class Level IV Complete

Last week I completed the Level 4 class of the Master Classes.
This time I was able to finally work with my classmate. I had to take the first three by myself due to scheduling issues and other things mentioned in previous posts.
It was nice to finally get to work with her. This time in addition to learning more about teaching Reiki I learned more about using crystals during Reiki sessions and was introduced to a crystal, the name of which escapes me at the moment, that was so powerful my hand was buzzing with energy from over a foot away before it was in my hand. I held onto it for a bit during class and actually got a bit "crystal high" which was a first for me.
There is one class left next month and then in March I co-teach a small Reiki practitioner level 1 class with my classmate. I was a little nervous about teaching until I found out the only students will be the student I bring, a friend of mine interested in learning Reiki, and my classmate's student who is a friend of hers.
This is all getting more and more exciting the more I learn and closer I get to certification. It has definitely been an interesting journey since I took my first class. I will have my certification just under a year after having started the classes.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Evening With My Reiki Teacher

Tonight I and my fiancee went to meet with my Reiki teacher and a friend of hers to discuss redoing the crystal shop website that she runs with her sister who showed up later.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Reiki Level III Class Complete

After a week of everything settling down with my system I was finally able to schedule the level III class I missed last Saturday.
Between last weeks classes and today's level III class it was quite awesome to experience the Violet Flame, Celestial Healing and the new attunements. I also started learning about teaching Reiki.
This time we are waiting out the full 21 day cleansing process so what happened last week does not repeat.
Our next class, level IV will not be until at least the middle of January. After that Level V will be my last actual class before I teach a Reiki I class for my Master Teacher certification.